HASHIMOTO, Takashi Professor
Knowledge Science, Co-Creative Intelligence, Research Centre for Interpretable AI
Ph.D. University of Tokyo
◆Professional Experience
2017 - : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Professor
2014 - 2015 : Telecom ParisTech , Visiting Researcher
2009 - 2017 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Professor
2006 - 2009 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Associate Professor
2001 - 2002 : Edinburgh University , Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics , Visiting Researcher
1999 - 2006 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Associate Professor
1998 - 1998 : SONY Computer Science Lab. – Paris , Visiting Researcher
1996 - 1999 : RIKEN , Brain Science Institute , Special Postdoctoral Researcher
1994 - 1996 : University of Tokyo , Graduate School of Arts and Sciences , 博士後期課程学生
Cognitive sciences, Cognitive neuroscience, Evolutionary biology, Linguistics, Safety engineering, Social systems engineering, Soft computing
◆Research Keywords
Complex Systems, Creation, Sharing, and Utilization of Knowledge, Cultural Evolution, Recursiveness, Hierarchy, Intention Sharing, Communication systems, Knowledge science, Hetero complex systems, Internal dynamics, Linguistic analogy, Formation and change of institutions, Language change, Double loop dynamics of language evolution, Language dynamics equation, 制度形成, Institutional Ecology, Complexification of language, Community currency, Language origin, Meta-rule, Origin and evolution of language, Evolutionary economics, Dynamic view of language, Rule dynamics, Institutional design, Language evolution
◆Research Interests
Constructive study on knowledge from evolutionary viewpoint: The origin and the evolution of language and the formation and change of institutions
I am interested in complex systems, especially, the dynamics of language and society. My recent research focuses on the origin and the evolution of language. Currently, I’m studying the cognitive modelling of grammaticalisation, which is language change from contents words, such as nouns and verbs, to functional words, such as pronouns and auxiliaries. Grammaticalisation is said to be a key phenomena concerning the evolution of language. The cognitive modelling of the phenomena may shed a new light on the origin of language as well as its evolution. 備考_alt
Dynamics of Symbolic Communication
Symbolic communication consists of interchanging of symbols among individuals and sense-making of the symbols in each individual. During communication novel meanings and symbols may occur, as well as sharing of information and meanings. Namely, communication is a process of sharing and creation. In order to understand such underling structure of such dynamic communication, we are engaging in constructive study using computer simulation, cognitive experiments, and analysis of mathematical models. 備考_alt
Study on the Formation and Change of Social Institutions using Social Simulation and Social Survey


◆Published Papers
Recursive combination has adaptability in diversifiability of production and material culture
Genta Toya, Takashi Hashimoto
Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 1-17, 2018
森田 純哉, 小嶋 暁, 金野 武司, 橋本 敬
認知科学, 29, 4, 557-574, 2022
The mirroring of symbols: An EEG study on the role of mirroring in the formation of symbolic communication systems
Guanhong Li, Takashi Hashimoto, Takeshi Konno, Jiro Okuda, Kazuyuki Samejima, Junya Morita, Masayuki Fujiwara
Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 10, 2, 7-10, 2019
田中孝治, 田中孝治, CHEN Wei, DAM Hieu‐Chi, 小林重人, 橋本敬, 橋本敬, 池田満, 池田満
電子情報通信学会論文誌 D(Web), J101-D, 6, 830‐842 (WEB ONLY)-, 2018
Cognitive Factors Inuencing Formation of Collaborative Communication:-Simulation Studies based on a Cognitive Architecture-
Morita Junya, Konno Takeshi, Okuda Jiro, Samejima Kazuyuki, Li Guanhong, Fujiwara Masayuki, Hashimoto Takashi
The Transactions of Human Interface Society, 20, 4, 435-446, 2018
Evolutionary scenario of recursive combination from object manipulation to language
Genta Toya, Rie Asano, Takashi Hashimoto
Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics, 964-949, 2020
Connotation embedded in hierarchical structures of symbol strings -Extension of experimental semiotics approach-
Hiroki Kataoka, Masayuki Fujiwara, Takashi Hashimoto, Jiro Okuda
Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics, -, 2020
再帰的結合による多様な仮説生成 + Embodied Simulation による仮説選択 → アブダクティブな意図共有のベース
日本認知科学会第36回大会発表論文集, 974-977, 2019
Modeling self-domestication and its impact on language evolution: playing with 'play'
Genta Toya, Yasuaki Kai, Takashi Hashimoto, Antonio Benítez-Burraco
The Conference Booklet of PROTOLANG 6, 54-, 2019
Evolution of recursive combination of action representations by rewarding novel tool-making
Genta Toya, Rie Asano, Takashi Hashimoto
The Conference Booklet of PROTOLANG 6, 44-, 2019
分担執筆, 中央大学出版部, 2020
分担執筆, 玉川大学出版部, 2019
Relationship between People’s Money Consciousness and Circulation of Community Currency. In G. Gomez (Ed.) Monetary Plurality in Local, Regional and Global Economies.
224-242, Routledge, 2018
235-260, 岩波書店, 2014
◆Conference Activities & Talks
第21回認知言語学会大会, 2020
Emergent Constructive Approach to Evolinguistics: Considering Hierarchy and Intention Sharing in Linguistic Communication
International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Science, 2019
再帰的結合による多様な仮説生成 + Embodied Simulation による仮説選択 → アブダクティブな意図共有のベース
日本認知科学会第36回大会発表論文集, 2019
言語処理学会第25回年次大会, 2019
Emergent constructive approach to Evolinguistics
Tokyo Lecture on Evolinguistics 2019, 2019

■Teaching Experience

Advanced Topics in Knowledge Science, Complex Systems Analysis, Introduction to Knowledge Science(E), Social-Technical Complex System, Introduction to Knowledge Science, 先端知識科学特論, 物理科学概論, 知識科学概論, 複雑系解析論

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
日本認知言語学会, 社会的知能発生学研究会, 言語処理学会, 人間行動進化学会, International Society for Adaptive Behavior, International Society of Artificial Life, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, Japan, the Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, 数理生物懇談会, The Physical Society of Japan, Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japanese Cognitive Science Society
◆Academic Contribution
International Conference on the Evolution of Language , University of Tokyo, Professor, Kazuo Okanoya , 2012 - 2012 , Campus Plaza Kyoto, Japan
International Seminar on the Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication 2010 (JAIST-EELC2010) , 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学知識科学研究科・教授・橋本敬 , 2009 - 2009 , 京都(キャンパスプラザ京都)
First International Workshop of Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication , 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学情報科学研究科・教授・東条敏産業技術総合研究所サイバーアシスト研究センター・研究センター長・橋田 浩一北陸先端科学技術大学院大学知識科学研究科・助教授・橋本敬他 , 2004 - 2004 , 開催場所:金沢ホームページ:http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~tojo/DLC.html第2回は英国Hertfordshire大学で開催予定。

■Academic  Awards

・ Best Paper Award in SSI2014 , SANDI, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) , 2014