MIZUTA, Hiroshi Special Adviser to the President, Vice-President, Professor, Director of International Research Center for Silent Voice Sensing
School of Materials Science, Energy and Environment Area, International Research Center for Silent Voice Sensing
Doctor of Engineering Osaka University
◆Professional Experience
2003 - : - 東京工業大学 大学院理工学研究科電子物理工学専攻 助教授
2003 - : - Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Physical Electronics Associate Professor
1997 - 2003 : 日立ヨーロッパリミテッド 日立ケンブリッジ研究所 所長兼主任研究員
1997 - 2003 : Hitachi Europe Ltd Hitachi Cambridge Laboratotry Laboratory Manager and Senior Researcher
1996 - 1997 : 日立製作所 中央研究所 主任研究員
1996 - 1997 : Hitachi Ltd Central Research Laboratory Senior Researcher
◆Research Keywords
MEMS, sensors, Solid-state devices, Nanoelectronics, Electrical properties: electronic conduction
◆Research Interests
Study of Monolayer Nano Integrated Systems

Hybrid NEMS (Nano-electro-mechanical system) Functional Devices

Extremely-scaled graphene and ultra-thin silicon devices

Quantum Information Devices based on Single-Electron Spins

Atom-scale simulation of Nanostructures and nanodevices


◆Published Papers
Origin of nonlinear current-voltage curves for suspended zigzag edge graphene nanoribbon
Chunmeng Liu, Jiaqi Zhang, Manoharan Muruganathan, Hiroshi Mizuta, Yoshifumi Oshima, Xiaobin Zhang
Carbon, 165, 476-483, 2020
Adsorbed Molecules as Interchangeable Dopants and Scatterers with a Van der Waals Bonding Memory in Graphene Sensors.
Osazuwa G Agbonlahor, Manoharan Muruganathan, Tomonori Imamura, Hiroshi Mizuta
ACS sensors, 5, 7, 2003-2009, 2020
Design of graphene phononic crystals for heat phonon engineering
Haque Mayeesha Masrura, Afsal Kareekunnan, Fayong Liu, Sankar Ganesh Ramaraj, Günter Ellrott, Ahmmed M.M. Hammam, Manoharan Muruganathan, Hiroshi Mizuta
Micromachines, 11, 7, -, 2020
Manipulating Berry curvature in hBN/bilayer graphene commensurate heterostructures
Afsal Kareekunnan, Manoharan Muruganathan, Hiroshi Mizuta
Physical Review B, 101, 19, -, 2020
Modulation of twisted bilayer CVD graphene interlayer resistivity by an order of magnitude based on in-situ annealing
Jothiramalingam Kulothungan, Manoharan Muruganathan, Hiroshi Mizuta
CARBON, 153, 355-363, 2019
大久保諒, LIU Chunmeng, ZHANG Xiaobin, SCHMIDT Marek. E, MURUGANATHAN Manoharan, 水田博, 大島義文
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Influence of nanocrystal size on conduction mechanism across silicon nanocrystals
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Journal of Applied Physics, 104, 2, 24518-, 2009
High-speed and non-volatile nano electro-mechanical memory incorporating Si quantum dots
Y. Tsuchiya, K. Takai, N. Momo, T. Nagami, S. Yamaguchi, T. Shimada, H. Mizuta, S. Oda
AIP Conference Proceedings, 772, 1589-1590, 2005
Magnetoelectric device
Tsukagoshi Kazuhito, Alphenaar Bruce William, Mizuta Hiroshi
-, 2004
筆宝大平, 水田博, 小田俊理
第65回応用物理学会学術講演会, -, 2004
Nanoscale Graphene-Based Environmental Gas Sensing: Nanotechnology Characterization Tools for Environment, Health, and Safety
共著, Springer, 2019
Growth and characterisation of Ge nanowires by chemical vapour deposition
pp. 487-508, In Tech ISBN 978-953-307-318-7, 2011
NEMSとナノデバイス (NEMS and nanodevices)
共著, 108, 121, ナノシリコンの最新技術と応用展開 (Developing Nanosilicon Technology and Device Applications) 108-121, 2010
LSI技術者のための親切な電磁気学 相対性理論と量子物理学(翻訳)
丸善株式会社, 2005
Silicon Nanoelectronics, Ballistic Transport in Silicon Nanostructures
CRC Press, 2005
◆Conference Activities & Talks
北陸産業活性化フォーラム, 2019
JSPM 2019年度秋季大会(第124 回講演大会), 2019
Graphene Nano-Electro-Mechanical (NEM) Devices and Extension to Sensor Applications
The Semiconductor Process Integration 11 Symposium in 236th ECS Meeting, 2019
Fabry-Pérot resonances in narrowly separated p-n interfaces in hBN/graphene/hBN with quantum point contact
The 11th annual Recent Progress in Graphene and Two-dimensional Materials Research Conference (RPGR2019), 2019
Valley Hall Effect in Ungated Bilayer Graphene
Recent Progress in Graphene & 2D Materials Research, 2019

■Teaching Experience

Quantum Phenomena in Condensed Matter(E), Solid State Physics and its Application to Electronics I(E), Mathematics for Condensed Matter Science and Technology, 量子現象特論(E), 固体電子物性・デバイス特論Ⅰ(E), 応用物性数学特論

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
英国物理学会, IEEE電子デバイス, 応用物理学会, 日本物理学界, Institute of Physics, Electron Device Society of IEEE, Japan Society of Applied Physics, Physical Society of Japan
◆Academic Contribution
IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop 2018 , Steve Chung (NCTU), Professor , 2018 - 2018 , Honolulu, HI, USA, Program Committee Member
Micro and Nano Engineering 2013 , University of Cambridge, Professor Bill Milne, General ChairUniversity of College London, Dr Zahid Durrani, Program Co-chairJAIST, Professor Hiroshi Mizuta, Program Co-chair , 2013 - 2013 , University College London, UK
39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering , Prof. Bill Milne (Univ. of Cambridge), Dr Zahid Durrani (Imperial College London), Prof. Hiroshi Mizuta (JAIST/UoS) , 2013 - 2013 , Imperial College London, UK

■Academic  Awards

・ 文部科学大臣表彰 科学技術賞(研究部門) , 文部科学省 , 2018
・ Distinguished Professor , Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , 2017
・ President Award , Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , 2016