KIM, Eunyoung (Eunyoung Kim)准教授
知識科学系, ヒューマンライフデザイン領域
高麗大学校政経学部政治外交学専攻(韓国)(2004), ソウル大学国際大学院修士(国際通商学)(2009), 東京大学博士(工学)(2015)
2017 - : JAIST , School of Knowledge Science , 准教授
2015 - 2017 : 東京大学 , 知識構造化センター , Researcher
2011 - 2013 : Daejun University, Korea , Part-time lecturer
経営学, 教育心理学, 図書館情報学、人文社会情報学, 教科教育学、初等中等教育学
social innovation, Higher education, tech-based social development, social creativity, idea generation, educational program design, innovation study, analogical thinking


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The Computer-mediated Communication-based Blended Course is Preferred among the University Students
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The Contribution of Social Entrepreneurs to Empower The Handloom Jamdani Community: A Case Study of Jamdani Ville in Bangladesh
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Developing a Faculty Training Program for Entrepreneurship Education
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Innovation Workshop Design for Enhancing the Appropriateness of Ideas
単著, 2017
The technologies for social value
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Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Design Education: Toward an Embeddedness Model Based on Design Thinking
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Acquiring Design Language: Creativity of Experimental Ink Semantics Conversion in Design Education
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The Role of Image Sharing and User’s Interactions on Social Media to Promote Handloom Fashion Industry
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Research on Designing a Product for the Elders : the Intelligent Crutch Design
Creativity Conference at Southern Oregon University, 2019
Research on the Construction of Women’s Cosmetic Brands in the Age of Social Network
Sydney International Business Research Conference, 2019


Innovation Theory and Methodology for Creativity(E), Theory of Knowledge Management(E), Practical Methodology for the Social Sciences(E), Innovation Design(E), Methodology for the Social Sciences(E), イノベーションデザイン論(E), 知識経営論(E), 創造力イノベーション論(E), 社会科学実践的方法論(E), 社会科学方法論(E)


The design society, 日本創造学会, 国際開発学会
JAIST World Conference , JAIST, Program Committee, Session chair , 2018 - 2018 , JAIST
International Conference on Distance Learning and Education , International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology , 2017 - 2017 , Barcelona, Spain
International conference organizing committee , Japan creativity society
・ Design Society , Editorial board of International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation , 2018-


・ Wonderful presentation award , キム ウニョン , Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity , 2016
・ the 1st prize in the research paper contest , キム ウニョン , Seoul City Government , 2011