KIM, Eunyoung (Eunyoung Kim)准教授
高麗大学校政経学部政治外交学専攻(韓国)(2004), ソウル大学国際大学院修士(国際通商学)(2009), 東京大学博士(工学)(2015)
2017/04 - : JAIST , School of Knowledge Science , 准教授
2015/10 - 2017/03 : 東京大学 , 知識構造化センター , Researcher
2011/09 - 2013/12 : Daejun University, Korea , Part-time lecturer
Designing innovation workshop, creative cognitive process, interactive learning, analogical thinking, designing learning experience, facilitating creativity
social innovation, Higher education, tech-based social development, social creativity, idea generation, educational program design, innovation study, analogical thinking


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Research on the Construction of Women’s Cosmetic Brands in the Age of Social Network
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イノベーションデザイン論(E), 知識経営論(E), 創造力イノベーション論(E), 社会科学実践的方法論(E), 社会科学方法論(E)


国際開発学会, The design society, 日本創造学会
International Conference on Distance Learning and Education , International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology , 2017/12/20 - 2017/12/22 , Barcelona, Spain
JAIST World Conference , JAIST, Program Committee, Session chair , 2018/02/27 - 2018/02/28 , JAIST


・ Wonderful presentation award , キム ウニョン , Society of Open Innovation, Technology, Market & Complexity , 2016/08
・ the 1st prize in the research paper contest , キム ウニョン , Seoul City Government , 2011/10