HIRAISHI, Kunihiko Professor
School of Information Science,Knowledge Management Area
B.E., M.E. and Ph.D.from Tokyo Institute of Technology (1983,1985,1990)
工学修士 東京工業大学
工学博士 東京工業大学
◆Professional Experience
2003/04 - : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
1993/04 - 2003/03 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
1985/04 - 1993/03 : 富士通・富士通研究所 , 国際情報社会科学研究所
Formal modeling and analysis of concurrent systems, discrete event systems, and hybrid systems
◆Research Keywords
hybrid systems, discrete event systems, concurrent systems, システムの形式的モデル化と解析
◆Research Interests
Modeling and analysis of discrete event systems and hybrid systems
A discrete event system (DES) is a dynamic system such that the state of the system changes only at discrete instances of time instead of continuously. DESs arise in the domains of manufacturing, robotics, vehicular traffic, logistics, and computer and communication networks. We are studying modeling and analysis of DESs by means of various kinds of formal models, such as automata-based models, graph models, algebraic models, and logical models. We are also interested in hybrid systems, which are systems with both continuous dynamics and discrete dynamics.
Efficient analysis and verification of concurrent systems
In the analysis of concurrent systems, there are several problems that do not happen in sequential systems. For example, the size of the state space often increases exponentially in the size of the model. This phenomenon is called state space explosion and it makes the analysis very difficult. We are studying efficient analysis and verification techniques for such systems.
Modeling of complex processes in nursing and cargiving services
In 2010, JST/RISTEX in Japan started a new R&D program ``Service Science, Solutions and Foundation Integrated Research Program''. "Innovation for Service Space Communication by Voice Tweets in Nursing and Caring" is one of the selected projects by the above program. The aim of the project is to develop a stress-free information assisting system based on smart voice messaging. By providing voice messaging environment optimized for current situation of nurses, the system helps nurses in their cooperation, knowledge sharing, and making work records, and as a result the system reduces various kinds of stresses associated with their work. To estimate current situation of nurses, it is important to have detailed process models that described working schedules and how they behave in various situations. Moreover, computer simulation based on the process models is useful for quantitative evaluation of the system. In this article, we first clarify problems to be solved toward the modeling of nursing and caregiving processes, and give solutions to them.


◆Published Papers
Spatio-Temporal Situation Recognition in Service Fields - Validation by Discrete-event Simulation
Kunihiko Hiraishi
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics 2019, 1807-1812, 2019/10
Process Mining Approach for the Conformance Checking of Discrete-Event Simulation Model
Kenji Uehara, Kunihiko HIraishi
SICE Annual Conference 2019, 615-620, 2019/09
An Improved Version of Cell Transmission Model for Air Traffic Flow
Quang Khai Tran, Kunihiko Hiraishi
Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. Transportation Infrastructure and Sustainable Development (TISDIC2019), -, 2019/08
Algorithms for Finding Attractors of Generalized Asynchronous Random Boolean Networks
Trinh Van Giang, Kunihiko Hiraishi
12th Asian Control Conference, 67-72, 2019/06
Sector Identification for a Large Amount of Airspace Traffic Data
Shoya Tokumaru, Kunihiko Hiraishi
IEICE Trans Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 102-A, 5, 755-756, 2019/05
形式的モデル化 離散事象/実時間/ハイブリッドシステムのモデル化と解析
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機械工学便覧 デザイン編β6「制御システム」
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青山, 内平, 平石, 共著, 朝倉書店, 1995/11
◆Conference Activities & Talks
A POMDP-based Approach to Assortment Optimization Problem for Vending Machine
Gaku Nemoto, Kunihiko Hiraishi
IEEE IEEM2019, 2019/12/18
平石 邦彦
CARATSオープンデータ活用促進説明会, 国土交通省航空局・北陸先端大, 石川県金沢市, 2019/09/20
Information Supervisory Control of Human Behavior
Kunihiko Hiraishi, Naoshi Uchihira, Sunseong Choe, Koichi Kobayashi
The 13th India-Japan Bilateral Conference BICON2018, 2018/11/26
Information Supervisory Control of Human Behavior - A Formal Model and Simulation -
Kunihiko Hiraishi, Naoshi Uchihira, Sunseong Choe, Koichi Kobayashi
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics 2018, Miyazaki, 2018/10/07
岡田, 内平, 平石, 國藤
第40回日本創造学会研究大会, 大阪, 2018/09/10

■Teaching Experience

Advanced Topics in IoT and AI, Theory of Discrete-State Systems, System Optimization(E), System Optimization, IoT・AIイノベーション特論, 離散状態システムの理論, システム最適化(E), システム最適化

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
◆Academic Contribution
32nd International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency/11th International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design , 2011/06/20 - 2011/06/24 , Newcastle upon Tyne, UK(東日本大震災の影響により金沢から移動)
Petri Nets and Software Engineering 2011 , University of Hamburg・Teacher・Michael Duvigneau,University of Hamburg・Lecturer・Daniel Moldt, 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学・教授・平石邦彦 , 2011/06/20 - 2011/06/21 , Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Editorial Board Member , Transaction on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency

■Academic  Awards

・ 論文賞 , 平石 邦彦 , 電子情報通信学会 , 2006
・ 論文賞 , 平石 邦彦 , 計測自動制御学会 , 1990