HIDAKA, Shohei Associate Professor
School of Knowledge Science, Human Life Design Area
Ph.D. from Kyoto University(2007) 京都大学
◆Professional Experience
2017 - : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Associate Professor
2016 - 2017 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Assistant Professor
2010 - 2016 : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , School of Knowledge Science , Assistant Professor
2008 - 2010 : Indiana University , Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences , Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Soft computing, Perceptual information processing, Intelligent informatics, Cognitive sciences, Physical and health education
◆Research Keywords
Category theory, Understanding, 認知発達, 記号力学系, 注視, 時系列解析, コミュニケーション, 注視行動, 意味認知, 行動計測, データマイニング, 非線形力学系
◆Research Interests
Computational modeling of children's novel word learning.
Statistical distribution of age of acquisition of words
What determines vocabulary growth patterns? The research presented here examines the growth pattern of words listed in the McArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory using a computational model. Our model characterizes vocabulary growth curves based on the sampling of learning relevant events and a threshold (the number of such events needed) for acquisition of the word. Using this general class of models, fits of vocabulary growth curves suggests a transition from one in which acquisition is primarily limited by the threshold for acquisition to one in which acquisition is primarily limited by sampling speed. Further analyses suggest that these parameters of the learning model link to meaningful psychological factors: specifically the acquisition of threshold limited (and earlier learned) words are correlated with frequency whereas sampling-speed-limited words are correlated with imageability of the word in the input. 備考
Analysis of nonlinear dynamics in multisensory time series of two-agent communication


◆Published Papers
Why does the Necker Cube appear as the three-dimensional shape?
Shohei Hidaka, Kohske Takahashi
Cognitive Studies, 28, 1, 25-38, 2021
Can We Treat Consciousness as a Category?: Comments on the Paper by N. Tsuchiya and H. Saigo.
Shohei Hidaka
Cognitive Studies, 27, 4, 504-508, 2020
発達心理学のビッグデータ化: 乳幼児を覗く小さな窓をこじ開ける―山本論文へのコメント―
心理学評論, 63, 1, 118-120, 2020
Prediction of requirement definition document review quality by gaze features
Koki Saito, Shohei Hidaka
Cognitive Studies, 27, 3, 280-294, 2020
Modeling Intention Inference as a Basis of Imitation Learning: Analysis of Pendulum Swing-Up Task
Takuma TORII, Shohei HIDAKA
Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics, 31, 5, 826-833, 2019
A nonlinear timeseries analysis for information-theoretic connectivity among neurons
Shohei Hidaka, Riichiro Hira
The CELL, 50, 14, 755-758, 2018
How can we identify subjective experiences?
Miho Fuyama, Shohei Hidaka
Cognitive Studies, 24, 4, 491-493, 2017
永井由佳里, 宮田一乘, 日高昇平, 松村和明, 長尾祐樹
日本認知科学会大会発表論文集(CD-ROM), 34th, 896‐898-, 2017
From transmission to understanding of information
Shohei Hidaka
Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 31, 6, -, 2016
分担執筆, 近代科学社, 2019
The Body and Children’s Word Learning., In Plumert, J. M., Spencer, J. P. (ed.) The Emerging Spatial Mind.
168–192., Oxford University Press., 2007
◆Conference Activities & Talks
言語処理学会第25回年次大会, 2019
計測自動制御学会システムインテグレーション部門共創システム部会第31回共創システム部会研究会, 2018
日本認知科学会第35回大会論文集, 立命館大学いばらきキャンパス, 2018
日本認知科学会第35回大会, 立命館大学いばらきキャンパス, 2018
日本認知科学会第35回大会, 立命館大学いばらきキャンパス, 2018

■Teaching Experience

Next-Generation Knowledge Science, Cognitive Science(E), Introduction to Cognitive Science, 次世代知識科学特論, 認知科学(E), 認知科学概論, 認知科学入門

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
日本知能情報ファジィ学会, 電気通信情報学会, Association for Computing Machinery, Cognitive Science Society, Japanese Cognitive Science Sociery
◆Academic Contribution
International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL2010) , General Chairs:Benjamin Kuipers, Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Thomas Shultz, Professor, McGill University , 2010 - 2010 , Place: University of Michigan, MI USA URL: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/icdl-2010/Comments: My role in this conference is a program committee.
常任運営委員会 , 日本認知科学会
運営委員 , 日本認知科学会
◆Committee Memberships
・ 日本認知科学会 , 「認知科学」編集委員会 副編集委員長 , 2020-
・ 石川県PTA連合会 , 石川県PTA副会長 , 2020- 2021
・ 野々市市立布水中学校PTA , 会長 , 2021- 2023
◆Social Contribution
・ 石川県PTA連合会副会長 2020 - 2021
・ 少年の主張石川県大会審査委員 , 石川県健民運動推進本部 , 少年の主張石川県大会 2020 - 2020
・ 石川県PTA連合会三行詩コンクール審査委員長 , 石川県PTA連合会 , 石川県PTA連合会三行詩コンクール 2020 - 2020

■Academic  Awards

・ 日本認知科学第34回大会発表賞 , Takuma Torii, Shohei Hidaka , Japanese Cognitive Science Society , 2017
・ The Nojima Hisao Award , Shohei Hidaka , Japanese Cognitive Science Society , 2017
・ 015年度 日本知能情報ファジィ学会奨励賞 , Shohei Hidaka , 日本知能情報ファジィ学会 , 2015