AKAGI, Masato Professor
School of Information Science, Human Life Design Area, School of Information Science
PhD Tokyo Institute of Technology
◆Professional Experience
: Associate Professor of School of Information Science at JAIST (1992-1999), Professor of School of Information Science at JAIST (1999-2016), Professor of School of Advanced Science and Technology at JAIST (2016-)
: NTT Basic Research Laboratories (1984), ATR Auditory and Visual Perception Research Laboratories (1986-1990)
Perceptual information processing
◆Research Keywords
◆Research Interests
Non-linguistic information in speech
1. Non-linguistic Information 1-1 Singing Voice 1-2 Speaker Indivisuality 1-3 Emotional Speech 1-4 Voice Conversion 1-5 Speech Coding 備考
Noise reduction in speech
2. Noise Reduction 2-1 Microphone Array 2-2 F0 Extraction 2-3 De-reverberation 2-4 Bone-conducted Speech 2-5 Speech Recognition 2-6 DOA
Modeling of "Cocktail-party effect"
3. Cocktail-party Effect Modeling 3-1 Sound Segregation 3-2 Privacy Protection 3-3 Noisy Sound Perception
Modeling of human ear based on psychoacoustics
4. Psychoacoustics 4-1 Auditory Model 4-2 Contextual Effect 4-3 Auditory Filter 4-4 Phase Perception 4-5 Vowel Perception 4-6 Noise Evaluation
Physiological Auditory Modeling
5. Physiological Auditory Modeling
Abnormal speech
6. Abnormal Speech 6-1 Abnormal Speech Perception 6-2 3D Vocal Tract Modeling
Interaction between Perception and Production
7. Interaction between Perception and Production


◆Published Papers
Simultaneous Estimation of Glottal Source Waveforms and Vocal Tract Shapes from Speech Signals Based on ARX-LF Model
Yongwei Li, Ken-Ichi Sakakibara, Masato Akagi
Journal of Signal Processing Systems, 92, 8, 831-838, 2020
A Two-Stage Phase-Aware Approach for Monaural Multi-Talker Speech Separation
Lu Yin, Junfeng Li, Yonghong Yan, Masato Akagi
IEICE Trans. Information and Systems, E103-D, 7, 1732-1743, 2020
The Effect of Silence Feature in Dimensional Speech Emotion Recognition
Bagus Tris Atmaja, Masato Akagi
10th International Conference on Speech Prosody 2020, -, 2020
Mimicking Lombard effect: An analysis and reconstruction
Thuan Van Ngo, Rieko Kubo, Masato Akagi
IEICE Trans. Information and Systems, E103-D, 5, 1108-1117, 2020
Multitask Learning and Multistage Fusion for Dimensional Audiovisual Emotion Recognition
Bagus Tris Atmaja, Masato Akagi
ICASSP 2020 - 2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 4482-4486, 2020
Study on modeling of room impulse response and its room acoustic characteristics
鵜木 祐史, 石川 大介, 柏原 佑太, 小林 まおり, 赤木 正人
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A modulation-transfer-function-based method for restores sub-band power envelope from noisy reverberant speech
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A study on the IMTF-based filtering on the modulation spectrum of reverberant signal
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Fundamental frequency estimation for noisy speech based on instantaneous amplitude and frequency
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Noise Reduction Based on Microphone Array and Post-Filtering
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共著, 朝倉書店, 2000
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◆Conference Activities & Talks
Speech communication with affective speech-to-speech translation
NCMMSC2019, Xining, China, 2019
Toward Affective Speech-to-Speech Translation
International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology 2016, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-49073-1 3, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam, 2016
表現豊かな音声の認識・合成とAffective Speech-to-Speech Translationへの応用
2015音学シンポジウム,情報処理学会研究報告,2015-MUS-107, 6, 電気通信大学, 2015
日本音響学会平成24年春季研究発表会,2-2-3, 神奈川大学, 2012
電子情報通信学会技術報告,EMM2011-59, 機械振興会館(東京), 2011

■Teaching Experience

Speech Signal Processing, Statistics for Data Analytics, 音声情報処理特論, データ分析のための情報統計学

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
信号処理学会, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, The Acousitcal Society of Japan

■Academic  Awards

・ 日本音響学会佐藤論文賞 , 日本音響学会 , 2011
・ 日本音響学会佐藤論文賞 , 日本音響学会 , 2010
・ インタラクション2009,インタラクティブ発表賞 , 情報処理学会 , 2009