TAKAGI, Masahiro Professor, Director of Bioscience and Biotechnology Area
School of Materials Science, Bioscience and Biotechnology Area
Doctor of Engineering (1990) Osaka University
Master of Engineering (1984) Osaka University
◆Professional Experience
2002 - : Mie University , Graduate School of Engineering
2001 - : Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2001 - : - Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science
2001 - : Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology , Faculty of Engineering
1998 - : 通産省工業技術院大阪工業技術研究所有機機能材料部 客員研究員(併任)
1997 - : Nara Institute of Science and Technology , Graduate School of Biological Sciences
1996 - : Tokyo Institute of Technology , Chemical Resources Laboratory
1996 - 1999 : Visiting associate professor, Nara Advanced
1994 - : 大阪大学工学部応用生物工学科助教授(超好熱性微生物の単離と耐熱酵素)
1994 - 2001 : Associate Professor, Dept. Biotechnology,
1990 - 1992 : カリフォルニア大学デービス校生化学教室(博士研究員併任(1992.8まで)
1990 - 1992 : Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California,
1985 - : Osaka University , School of Engineering
1985 - 1994 : Research Associate, Dept. Biotechnology, Osaka
: Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology
: (アミロイド線維の自己集積過程)
: (タンパク質のフォールディングプロセス解析)
: (新規抗体酵素の開発と機能解析)(外部環境ストレスの起こすアポトーシス)
: 大阪大学先端科学技術共同研究センター助教授(併任)
: (結晶性セルロース分解酵素に関する研究)
: (Protein folding process. Amyloid formation)
: and Technology
: Institute of Science and Technlolgy.
: antibody. Stress signal transduction)
: Osaak Univ.(Creation of a new catalytic
: Davis(Cellulosome from Clostridium)
: enzymes)
: Univ.(Characterization of thermostable
Applied biofunctional and bioprocess engineering
◆Research Keywords
Signal transduction, Liposome, Phase-separation, Dynamics, Antibody Engineering, Genetic Engineering
◆Research Interests
Thermostable proteins
We are interested in thermostable proteins synthesized by hyperthermophilic archaeon. Structure-function relationsips, improvement of enzyme functions by protein engineering, application of thermostable proteins in the fields of medical science, food industries and environment remediation are involved.
Stress response
Intracellular signal transduction by external physical stresses (light, heavy metal, electric magnetic field etc.) will be studied. We are interested in signals related to apoptotic responses.
Protein folding process
Folding process especially amyloid formation will be intensively studied. Neural cell death caused by amyloids is also involved.
Dynamic movement of model membrane and its interaction with proteins


◆Published Papers
Effect of temperature on raft-dependent endocytic cluster formation during activation of Jurkat T cells by concanavalin A.
Sharma N, Baek K, Shimokawa N, Takagi M
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 127, 4, 479-485, 2019
Effects of Capsaicin on Biomimetic Membranes.
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Planetary-scale streak structure reproduced in high-resolution simulations of the Venus atmosphere with a low-stability layer
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Membrane permeation of giant unilamellar vesicles and corneal epithelial cells with lipophilic vitamin nanoemulsions
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Cellular toxicity by cadmium ion and its detoxification by heavy metal specific plant peptides, phytochelatins expressed in mammalian cells.
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シー・エム・シー, 2002
Studies on a thermostable chitinase from hyperthermophilic archaea, Pyrococcus kodakaraenis KOD1. In Genetics, Biochemistry and Ecology of Cellulose Degradation.
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Structure and function of Clostridium cellulovorans cellulase subunits. In Environment, Science and Technology : The Challenge of the 21st Century
Chulabhorn Research Institute, Bangkok, Thilond, 1999
Strong and specific peroxidase activity with an antibody L-chain-porphyrin Fe(III) conplex.
Antibody Expression and Engineering, 1995
丸善, 1993
◆Conference Activities & Talks
アメリカ微生物学会総会, フロリダ, 2001
国際環境バイオテクノロジー学会, 京都, 2000
ハラタマ記念国際会議, 大阪, 2000
アメリカ微生物学会総会, ロサンゼルス, 2000

■Teaching Experience

Advanced Biofunctions(E), Biofunction and Organization(E), Introduction to Bioscience, 先端生体機能特論(E), バイオ機能・組織化特論(E), 生物機能概論

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
日本化学会, 日本生化学会, 日本農芸化学会, 日本生物工学会, American Society for Microbiology

■Academic  Awards

・ Commendation for Excellent Reviewer of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research , Japan Society for the Promotion of Science , 2017
・ Achievement Award, Society for Biotechnology, Japan , Society for Biotechnology, Japan , 2013
・ College of Fellow, American Insitute for Medical and Biological Engineering , American Insitute for Medical and Biological Engineering , 2013