FUJINAMI, Tsutomu Professor, Director of Human Life Design Area
School of Knowledge Science, Human Life Design Area
B.A.from Waseda University (1986), Ph.D.from University of Edinburgh (1996)
◆Professional Experience
: Systems Development Laboratory, HITACHI (1986-1992), Institute for Computational Linguistics, University of Stuttgart (1995-1998)
Intelligent informatics
◆Research Keywords
Dementia Care, Skill acquisition, Skill Science
◆Research Interests
Skill Science
We study how experts are different from novices by investigating human movements observed in kneeding in ceramic art, dancing on samba, ball handling in football, and so on. We expect our result will be applicable to robotics and skill learning systems. 備考
Skill Acquisition
We investigate how humans learn skills. We collaborate with people in our area to trace as many people as possible, who are trained to learn dancing on samba. We hope our findings will contribute to designing skill learning systems. 備考
Demantia Care
Japan is rapidly aging and we expect two percent of the population to be suffering from Dementia in 20 years. Under this plessure of aging society, we study how well we can care people with dementia in natural setting and what technological solutions will be availabe. 備考


◆Published Papers
Effects of Colors toward Pleasant Impression on Sofa Furniture through Electroencephalography
Phetnidda Ouankhamchan, Tsutomu Fujinami
International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technology, -, 2020
Yuan Ma, Qisen Wang, Tsutomu Fujinami
MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology, 6, 2, 15-25, 2020
The Risky-choice Framing Effect During Repeatedly Decision Process in Dynamic Context
Ma Yuan, Fujinami Tsutomu
The Asian Conference on Psychology & Behavioral Sciences, -, 2020
Integrating Interactive Clothing and Cyber-Physical Systems: A Humanistic Design Perspective.
Weizhen Wang, Yuan Fang, Yukari Nagai, Dong Xu, Tsutomu Fujinami
Sensors, 20, 1, 127-127, 2020
The Predestined Nature of Assistive Technologies for Dementia
Taro Sugihara, Tsutomu Fujinami, Osamu Moriyama
Intelligent Assistive Technologies for Dementia, 110-129, 2019
日高昇平, KASHYAP Neeraj, BUATED Wannipat, 藤波努
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Issues on technology development and deployment in the field of dementia care from the standpoint of technology and social system
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Gaps between assistive technologies and dementia care
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編者(編著者) , JAIST Press, 2011
◆Conference Activities & Talks
e-テキスタイル製品開発研究会, 福井県工業技術センター, 2017
日本認知科学会第34回大会, 2017
The Influence of Layouts on Visual Impression - Comparing 12 Flyer Layout Patterns
International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society, 日本, 北海道, 2017
Topics of Skill Science: Overview of ten years
Third International Workshop on Skill Science, 2017
The role of body in the organization of skilled movements
3rd International Conference on Cognition, Brain and Computation, IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, 2015

■Teaching Experience

Advanced Topics in Healthcare Service Knowledge Science, Next-Generation Knowledge Science, Introduction to information-based Management, Cognitive Science, Methodology for Research and Development of Social Innovation, 先端医療・介護サービス知識科学特論, 次世代知識科学特論, 経営情報学概論, 認知科学(E), 社会システムエンジニアリング方法論

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
International Society of Gerontechnology, The Japan Association for Reserch in Singing, 日本認知症ケア学会, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
◆Academic Contribution
Third International Workshop on Skill Science , Tsutomu Fujinami , 2016 , Raiosha Building, Keio University Kanagawa, Japan
Second International Workshop on Skill Science , Tsutomu Fujinami , 2015 , Raiosha Building, Keio University Kanagawa, Japan
International Symposium on Skill Science , Prof. Koichi Furukawa, Keio University , 2007 - 2007 , Mita, Tokyo

■Academic  Awards

・ Excellent Paper Award , Japn Information Processing Society , 2008
・ Award for Good Practice of Caring People , Mainichi Shimbun , 2008