SHIMAHARA, Hideto Assistant Professor
School of Materials Science, Center for Nano Materials and Technology
B.S. from Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences(1992), M.S. from Osaka University(1994), Ph.D. from Osaka University (1997)
◆Professional Experience
Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University (1997), RRF Research Inc. (1998)
Biocatalytic Science, NMR Structural Biology, Biomolecular Quantum Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysics
◆Research Keywords
Catalytic Mechanism of Enzyme
◆Research Interests

Chromatin structure changes to progress transcription and replication. The fundamental repeating unit of chromatin is nucleosome, which is wrapping DNA into almost two turns around a core histone octamer. Our aim is to understand the molecular mechanism of DNA packaging necessary for the regulation of gene expression. Specifically, we are interested in the structural alteration of nucleosome and function of histones and HMG proteins. HMG proteins serve as architectural elements, which affect the structure of nucleosome. Presently, our group is focusing on the HMG-14/17 subgroup, which is of the nuclear proteins, to alter the structure of the chromatin fiber and enhance transcription from chromatin templates. By using biochemical, molecular biological, biophysical and physicochemical approaches we study the structural alteration and the organization of the proteins in nucleosomes.


◆Published Papers
・ 生体高分子の触媒科学-金属含有蛋白質のプロトン輸送の機構解明- , 島原秀登,Muhamad Koyimatu,杉森公一,長尾秀実 , 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 共有計算サーバ使用成果報告 , 34 , 2014/07
・ Approach to Structure-Based Drug Discovery on Molecular Biology. , Shimahara H , Mol Biol , 4 , 1 , e121 , 2014.11.24
・ An Approach to Water Molecule Dynamics Associated with Motion of Catalytic Moiety , Hideto Shimahara, Kimikazu Sugimori, Muhmad Koyimatu, Hidemi Nagao, Tadayasu Ohkubo, and Yuji Kobayashi , AIP Conf. Proc. , 1518 , 610-613 , 2013
・ Theoretical Model for Assessing Properties of Local Structures in Metalloprotein , M. Koyimatu, H. Shimahara*, M. Iwayama, K. Sugimori, K. Kawaguchi, H. Saito, and H. Nagao* (*co-correspondence) , AIP Conf. Proc. , 1518 , 626-629 , 2013
・ Nucleosome Structural Changes Induced by Binding of Non-histone Chromosomal Proteins HMGN1 and HMGN2 , Hideto Shimahara*, Takaaki Hirano, Kouichi Ohya, Shun Matsuta, Sailaja S. Seeram, and Shin-ichi Tate , FEBS Open Bio, ( , 3 , 184-191 , 2013
◆Conference Activities & Talks
・ 炭酸脱水酵素の機能発現と構造に関する理論的研究 , Muhamad Koyimatu, Kimikazu Sugimori, Hidemi Nagao, Hideto Shimahara , 第53回日本生物物理学会 , 金沢 , 2015.09.13-15
・ 貝由来炭酸脱水酵素ナクレインのカルシウム結合部位の解析 , Hideto Shimahara, Muhamad Koyimatu, Yuji Kobayashi , 第53回日本生物物理学会 , 金沢 , 2015.09.13-15
・ 炭酸脱水酵素の触媒反応に見られるプロトン移動の解明に向けた実験・理論的アプローチ , 島原 秀登,ムハマド コイマツ,杉森 公一,齋藤 大明,川口 一朋,長尾 秀実 , 第8回分子科学討論会 , 広島 , 2014.09.21-24
・ Theoretical Study of Tautomerization and Conformations of His64 in Human Carbonic Anhydrase II , Koyimatu Muhamad,Shimahara Hideto,Sugimori Kimikazu,Saito Hiroaki,Kawaguchi Kazutomo,Nagao Hidemi , 第8回分子科学討論会 , 広島 , 2014.09.21-24
・ Theoretical Study of p-stacking Interaction in Carbonic Anhydrase , M. Koyimatu, H. Shimahara, K. Kawaguchi, H. Saito, and H. Nagao , International Symposium on Computational Science 2013 , Kanazawa , 2013.02.18-21

■Contributions to  Society

◆Academic Society Affiliations
・ American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) , 2008(FY) -
◆Social Contribution
・ Member of The Molecular Biology Society of Japan (2000-)
・ Member of The Japanese Biochemical Society (1996-)
・ Member of The Pharmaeutical Society of Japan (1997-)